I Haven't Bought Tampons in a Year: Why You Should Try a Menstrual Cup

Oh yes, I’m going there.

Although honestly, why does it have to be weird that we are talking about this? It’s kind of insane that I feel the need to make a “TMI” warning here. Half of the population menstruates. It’s just a fact. We should get that out of the way now - I’m sick of period shaming or (usually) men who are “grossed out” by it. Periods are normal, natural and most of us get them. Period. If you were born - which, well, you were. Then you were created or grown in the very same model of a womb that every person who sheds blood on a (usually) monthly basis has.


Now that we are clear on the unapologetic-ness of period posts, let’s talk about my greatest discovery of the last year: My DivaCup. I feel obligated to spread the good news. I am not paid or sponsored for this, I’m just a firm believer in this thing.

You need one. You could just trust me and order one (on Amazon, it’s the best deal) but I’m also going to give you the 411 about why they’re so great and if you get a period, you should be using one.

  1. NO MORE BUYING PERIOD PRODUCTS EVER! That’s right: ever! Menstrual cups like the DivaCup are made from medical grade silicone and last forever. You can say goodbye to spending money monthly on products you really wish you didn’t have to buy. Take that, period tax!

  2. It’s eco-friendly! The cup is reusable, essentially infinitely. The only waste from the DivaCup is its initial packaging. That’s it. No more overflowing, tampon-filled trash bins and overuse of plastic.

  3. The DivaCup is safe. No more worries of TSS and putting scary chemicals in or near your vagina, the medical grade silicone has no chemicals in it. You can wear it without worrying about being poisoned. Talk about peace of mind!

  4. You really don’t have to worry about it. You can put it in, leave it in, and be good. It’s recommended that you change it about every 12 hours, so maybe before bed and when you wake up. You will surprised that you really don’t bleed as much as you thought. If you have a light flow, you can potentially leave it in longer - but a smell can happen, although I’ve never heard of it being detectable by the outside world.

  5. You can swim and do literally anything sporty with it in!

  6. It doesn’t leak. As long as you have placed your DivaCup correctly (follow their guides, or look up a Youtube video! I like this one) then it will NOT leak. Also, it’s very comfortable - you don’t feel it as long as the cup is correctly placed. I’m not kidding - no more leaks, no discomfort, no more worries.

  7. It’s great for traveling, long haul trips and the likes. You don’t have to worry about changing a tampon every few hours anymore - it’s so liberating!

  8. It’s easy to change. Seriously. It’s just as easy to take out as it is to put in once you have gotten the hang of it. And honestly, yes, you do get a little more acquainted with your body and your period - but I think that’s actually pretty good for us to do! I know a lot of women are like “What if I have to change it in a public restroom?” But the short answer is that you probably never will. It holds a lot. A lot.

  9. It’s easy to clean: boil at the end of each cycle to totally sterilize it. DivaCup makes a DivaWash to wash in between, but you can also just use water and rinse it out in between, especially if you are on the go.

  10. This thing has never failed me. Once I learned how to use it, I have not had one leak, one issue, nothing. It’s easy to use, empowering and makes periods a lot less of a “thing.”

Pro-Tip: There are a few versions of the DivaCup: Model 1 and Model 2. 1 is for women under 30 who have not given birth vaginally or by C-Section. 2 is for women over 30 who have. Order accordingly! (They also make a Model 0 for young women new to periods, so look for that if you are a parent looking to bring the good news to a daughter! Or if you are young and new to periods!)

The DivaCup site also says re: sizing: “If you find tampons and routine pelvic/vaginal exams to be uncomfortable, it may be best to first consult with your health care provider as the Model 1 cup may be right for you. Our model sizes are recommended, but since women come in all shapes and sizes, it is difficult to determine the vaginal size." So keep that in mind! I use the 1 and it’s great (obviously!)

So, yeah. Order one. There are many brands but the DivaCup is all I have used so it’s all I can speak to and I am sold on it, that being said don’t be afraid to try another if you want. Trust me, trust the facts. I was so grossed out and scared when I got mine but I’m forever thankful because this little silicone cup has been life changing.

Happy Periods!

x Olivia

P.S. Have you used a menstrual cup? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below!