Oh, hey.

As you may have noticed from the name of my blog, my name is Olivia. That picture up there is of me being totally fine. You can tell because I'm smiling and clearly confident enough to wear a bra in front of the camera of a strange man. Right?

Again, I am totally fine. Seriously!


Okay, well, maybe I'm not. Chances are though, that you might not be either sometimes.

This blog is going to tell you more about what being fine really means. It's probably not what you think, either. My life has been full of a lot of unexpected, painful turns. I have experienced things I never dreamed that could happen to me. Life has also been really beautiful. Here I will be detailing my experiences, what I have learned and we will talk about issues that matter to you and me.

The main goal of this blog is for me to write. Not for me to sell you crap you don't need or bullshit you into thinking that green juice (although I do love it) will solve every ailment in your life. Hopefully you'll care about what I have to say, but you might not. That's okay. I just feel like I have to write.

I have always had a hard time narrowing down what it is that I love, because truth be told I have a lot of passions. It's kind of annoying. The one thing I know I love, is writing and I believe that it gives me some special powers to reach out into this crazy void-like internet and hopefully make someone feel less alone, or at least teach someone how to clear up their blackheads.

Stay tuned and subscribe for updates to this blog - I will get into it on subjects like mental health, modeling, grief, social media, beauty and everything else in between.

Thanks for being here, you are so loved.

x Olivia