The Only Face Wash I Use

One of the most steadfast and beautiful, longest lasting relationships in my life is not the one with my husband.

I mean, okay that one is very beautiful and steadfast - but the one I'm talking about it much longer. It's the all-consuming, unconditional love I have for my most beloved face wash: Purity by Philosophy.

I have no idea when I first started using this stuff. I know my mom and Great Aunt have a deep affinity for the products Philosophy makes and the fact that they are sold on QVC, so I imagine that like many of my beauty products, the love arose because I stole it from my mother.


Hi mom! Thanks!

I credit Purity with any luck I have ever had with my skin. The name is so perfect, it really makes you feel clean and pure - like an angel's booty (but on your face and in a soft-smelling way.) Before Philosophy bestowed this beautiful blessing of a cleanser unto my world, I was probably using Proactiv and St. Ives scrub (don't do that!) two times a day and had no idea what it meant to use a water or oil based cleanser. As it turns out, Purity is an oil based face wash. I didn't know this until fairly recently and truthfully it made a lot of sense. I have combination skin that I get gnarly breakouts - especially hormonal ones - and have the world's oiliest forehead. When I started using this cleanser regularly, almost all of my problems cleared up.

Purity is gentle and literally no joke - AS ADVERTISED - melts off your makeup. Melts. It. Off. If I use this face wash in the evening post-glow-up and let it sit on my face for a few moments, all my makeup comes off. Like, all of it. Even the really hard to get model-grade costume eye liner. You don't have to scrub! It's a miracle.

The formula itself has never irritated my highly sensitive skin in almost of decade of use. Oil beats oil, people, so it doesn't cause breakouts but actually prevents them - all while keeping skin feeling plump and lush af.

I can't really say that much more about Purity except that it's best. I haven't ever gone without it and literally never plan to. It's affordable, high-quality and changed the life of my skin. What more could you ask for?

Get some. (Yes, that's a link bb!) It will likely change your life. (You're welcome)

x Olivia

P.S. I might get some kickback if you buy using my links. It's a great way to support the blog while also treatin' yo' self. I don't tell you about these things to make money - only because I believe in them. A girl's gotta eat, tho.

P.P.S. Have you used Purity by Philosophy (regularly?) Did you try it because of me? Let me know if the comments what you think, plz!