Our Wedding: Preview

Seasons Greetings! (I guess)

So as far as monumental life events go the month has been full of them. Namely, and most importantly, my freakin' wedding! I can not believe that after 11 months of planning (and let's be real also 24 years of planning in my head) that it's just, over. I am pretty sure that post-wedding depression could be a thing if it's not already. You work really hard and go crazy and then suddenly the day flies by and it's like - wait hold up.

Luckily we had a wonderful team of vendors who made the day really easy and beautiful and among them was our wonderful photographer, Kelli, and our videography team. Kelli has kindly shared some previews of the wedding and every time she sends them it's like Christmas Day.

I can not wait to share with you all the big and small (and microscopic) details of our day and do a few comprehensive blog posts about wedding planning, the journey that is dress shopping, what to expect on your wedding day and of course - all the photos when they get in. So stay tuned for more wedding merriment but to hold you over (or maybe just to hold me over) here is a preview of Jerome and I's wedding day in Louisville, Kentucky.

(more details to come!)

 Are you getting married soon? Want to tag your bae and drop a hint? Drop a comment about any wedding questions you may have!

x Olivia